Guatemala – La Reforma – Golden Bean award winner 2019

12oz Guatemala. Read more below. Available whole bean or ground to your liking, select options below:

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La Reforma is a specifc lot of coffee grown at in Hueheutenango (Northern Guatemala).  It is owned by  Rene Perez of the Perez family, a long standing family of growers in the region.  They share memories of hauling down bags of parchment on the backs of mules and now share the success of what they have built as their children and grandchildren continue the legacy. The cherries are picked only when ripe, hand selected, and put through a ringer of QC tests in their state of the art lab. Together, the whole family accounts for thousands of pounds of coffee produced across 4 or 5 farms owned by various cousins, aunts, uncles daughters and sons.  Together, they have banded to create their own mill and label which is known as Family Bonds Coffee!

The altitude of the farm is between 1700 and 2000 meters above sea level and the terroir is comprised of rolling hills, rocks and a mix of indigenous hard wood shade trees.

The coffee itself is characterized primarily by chocolate and fig notes and a transparent lemon acidity that creates a balance of flavors that titillate the taste buds but do not overwhelm them.  It  is equally fantastic as espresso or filter coffee and is used regularly for both at our espresso bar in Bishop.

In the cup, you will find complex notes of cocoa nibs, butterscotch, meyer lemon, structure and balance.  This is a classic Huehuetenago cup profile with bright flavor notes up front and a firm structured balance of chocolate in the finish.  It shows well across the brew method spectrum, however, our preference is still pour over!




Brew Notes

Espresso on La Marzocco GB5

Input – 21 grams

Output – 25 grams

Time – 28 seconds


Pour Over V60

Input – 30 grams

Output – 450 grams

Time – 5 minutes