Finca El Socorro – Pacamara – Golden Bean winner (2017/18)

12oz Pacamara. Read more below. Available whole bean or ground to your liking. Select options below:

This coffee is amazing!  It took top honors at the 2017 Golden Bean national espresso competition for espressos with milk – aka. machiatto, cappuccinos etc.  The competition featured more than a thousand coffees!

It has incredibly unique and aromatic properties.  In the aroma will find lemon, lime, mango, tropical nuances and notes of cacao  With the addition of milk the bright favors fade leaving just a rich and extremely sweet beverage akin to creme brûlée or even a touch of butterscotch.

Here at Black Sheep, this was of  little surprise to us as farm owner Diego De La Cerda consistently produces some of the finest coffees that the world has to offer.  Perhaps it is the incredible location of the farm, or the extreme altitude at which it is grown or maybe the top level farming practices that are used at Finca El Socorro.  Likely, it is a combination of all three.

Tasting notes

Espresso – bright, sugar, lemon, lime, clean

Cappuccino – Creme brûlée, sugar, custard, crazy sweet

Recommended brew methods – Epresso, V60, Chemex