Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Grade 1- Desta Gola

12oz Ethiopia Yirg Gr1. Read more below. Available whole bean or ground to your liking — select below:

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Our current Ethiopian offering is a washed coffee from the Yirgacheffe area from a farm called Desta Gola.  Desta Gola himself owns a nine acre farm in the Yirgacheffe region where he, his wife and their 9 children work the coffee farm.  Located in the center of the cradle of coffee civilization Desta Gola’s farm is comprised of many naturally occurring varietals of coffee both heirloom and wild! The resultant flavors are classic yirgacheffe with loads of sweetness, balanced florals and great complexity!

The flavor of this coffee is best described as a balance between jasmine florals, citrus, pear and honeysuckle-like sweetness.  It is universally appreciated as espresso, brew coffee or pour over.

Ethiopian washed coffee – This means the coffee has been fully washed after pulping and fermenting and then soaked overnight for additional fermentation and stabilization .  Lastly, it is dried in the sun on raised beds.

On the black sheep cupping table, this coffee scores between 87 and 89 points depending on the cupper’s preferences.  However, with 87 being the lowest that it has scored this is definitely a universally appealing cup of coffee!

Our favorite way to make this coffee is the Hario V60 as it high-lites crisp acidity and aromatics that make it a stand out coffee!

Flavor Notes : jasmine, honeysuckle, pear, orange, complex, layered!

Recommended brew methods: Hario V60, Single Origin Espresso, Drip