Ethiopian Yirgacheffe – Bedhatu Jibicho – Natural Processed – woman owned!

12oz Ethiopian Sidamo Shakisso. Read more below. Available whole bean or ground to your liking — select below:

Our current Ethiopian coffee is another natural processed coffee that is a super-aromatic and complex cup with the emphasis being on a balance between aromatics and honey suckle sweetness.

The flavor of this coffee is best described as a balance between jasmine florals and a pleasingly clean finish that is layered with flavors of jasmine and honeysuckle.  It is universally appreciated as espresso, brew coffee or pour over!

Woman owned – Bedhatu Jibicho at 80 years old has evolved from a cooperative member to selling her coffee directly to buyers in the US.  Her coffee quality is unparalleled year in and year out and is testament to outstanding growing and processing practices.  This is the second year we have bought her coffee here at Black Sheep.

It is natural processed  coffee – meaning the coffee has been dried in its own skin and allowed to take on all the sweetness that the pulp of the coffee contains.  This drying process requires a lot of attention from the farmer for the coffee has to be rotated a certain number of times per day in order that the drying takes place evenly so that no fermentation will occur inside the coffee cherry and produce off flavors.

On the black sheep cupping table, this coffee scores between 89 and 91 points depending on the cupper’s preferences.  However, with 89 being the lowest that it has scored this is definitely a universally appealing cup of coffee!

Our favorite way to make this coffee is the Hario V60 as it high-lites crisp acidity and aromatics that make it a stand out coffee!

Flavor Notes : jasmine, honeysuckle, pineapple, dark chocolate, complex, layered, deep!

Recommended brew methods: Hario V60, Single Origin Espresso, Drip