El Salvador Los Pirineos – natural process & direct trade

12oz Los Pirineos Natural. Available whole bean or ground to your liking — select below:

This is an amazingly aromatic coffee from the one of our favorite farms in El Salvador!  It is natural processed  coffee – meaning the coffee has been dried in its own skin and allowed to take on all the sweetness that the pulp of the coffee contains.  This drying process requires a lot of attention from the farmer for the coffee has to be rotated a certain number of times per day in order that the drying take place evenly so that no fermentation will occur inside the coffee cherry and produce off flavors.  Mr Baraona – the owner and operator of Los Pirineos – is a master of this style and this particular coffee is a great example of his skill!

This is an incredibly clean and fruity example of a natural process coffee.  The flavor attributes of this coffee are strawberry, rhubarb, honey, red-wine.  A great coffee for those who love heavily fruited and sweet coffees!

Recommended Brew Methods : Hario V60, espresso, aero press