Burundi Shembati

12oz Burundi Shembati. Read more below. Available whole bean or ground to your liking. Select options below:

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Burundi Shembati is a Fully Washed coffee packed in  GrainPro and sourced from family-owned farms organized around the Coffee Processing Company (CPC) located in the Kayanza province, Burundi. Salum operates 4 washing stations in Kayanza. All four stations reflect Salum’s passion for coffee and his commitment to his community. Lots are meticulously separated fully traceable to harvest date and washing station. Each lot is classified through a strict protocol that includes hand sorting and floating the cherry. Depulped coffee undergoes a three-part fermentation process, 16 hours of dry fermentation, then another 14 hours of fermentation with water, and then washed and soaked in fresh water for 10 hours.


Flavors – cocoa, blackberry, pear


Recommended Brew Methods – V60, espresso, aeropress